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Glass and Surface Cleaner
An industrial glass and surface cleaner that cuts through dirt, grease, and grime on a variety of surfaces.

•Fast-acting foam
•Wipes off to a bright and sparkling, streak-free finish
•Removes greasy residue, fingerprints, road and factory film, and grime
•Will not scratch or harm glass, Plexiglas, or other plastic materials; will not harm painted surfaces
•Retards fogging

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Brake Cleaner
A non-corrosive degreaser effective in removing oil, grease, wax, dirt, and moisture from brake drums, linings, and pads.

•Dries in less than 2 minutes
•High-pressure and unique wetting properties penetrate and degrease inaccessible areas
•Includes extension tube for precision application
•Stops annoying break squeal
•Reduces airborne asbestos dust
•Keeps brake shoe pads at top level of performance

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All 4
Clean, penetrate, lubricate, protect - does All-4!

•Silicone free
•Displaces moisture
•Cleans away dirt and grease
•No gummy residue
•Fills microscopic irregularities on surfaces
•Meets Military Spec. #MIL-C-16173D, Group III
•For use in manufacturing facilities

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Aervoe All-Purpose Marking Paint, Pink
This good, multipurpose purpose marking paint provides a very cost-effective approach to marking with good visibility.
  • Spray on any surface
  • Self-cleaning tip
  • Mark lasts 2 months

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Aervoe All-Purpose Marking Paint Black, Blue
The flagship of the line offering a high-quality paint that is priced competitively to meet a variety of upside-down marking applications, while providing good color visibility and durability.
  • Mark lasts up to three months

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Survey Marking Paint
A superior upside-down marking paint designed for survey marking.  It provides the best quality paint in terms of color visibility, retention, and durability.  

•Mark will last up to 6 months
•Operational to 14°F (-10°C)
•H.D. = high delivery (30% greater than other colors)

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Clear Marking Paint
An upside-down clear coating used to seal and protect construction chalk lines and other temporary marks from wind, moisture, and traffic.

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Hornet and Wasp Spray
•Sprays up to 20 feet; pinpoint stream reaches dense and hard to reach cracks and crevices
•High-delivery valve for complete saturation
•High percentage of active ingredient ensures the best knockdown and kill rate
•GHIh dielectric strength of 41kV/mm
•EPA Reg. No. 11623-38-27417
•Lasting residual deposit prevents re-infestation for weeks
•Approved for sale in California
•Not available for sale in Canada

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Tef LUbe
A superior lubricant that combines the advantages of high-grade petroleum oils and solvents with micron-sized PTFE to provide the finest multi-component penetrating lubricant system available.

•Protects against corrosion, displaces moisture
•Keeps equipment running longer
•Reduces friction and increases part life
•Reduces costly breakdowns caused by work and dirty parts
•Penetrate inaccessible areas with extension tube
•Spray-Any-Way valve allows application in any direction or position
•Performs at temperatures from -60°F to 475°F (-51°C to 246°C)
•Meets MIL-C-372B (small arms bore cleaner), MIL-C-23411/A (corrosion preventive compound), VV-P-216B (penetrating oil), VV-L-820C (general purpose lubricating oil), and VV-L-751C (chain, wire rope lubricating oil)
•For use in manufacturing facilities

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Aervoe Striping Paint Yellow (solvent-based)
Solvent-based striping paint adheres to a variety of surfaces, including asphalt and concrete.  Not recommended for turf surfaces.

•Fast drying - 5 minutes to touch
•Durable, long-lasting stripe
•High-visibility colors
•VOC compliant and lead-free
•Non-clogging spray tip
•Excellent resistance to traffic, oil and gasoline
•One case of aerosol paint will yield a 4-inch stripe approximately 700 linear feet

•Asphalt black available to correct mistakes or cover existing lines

Applications:  parking lots, warehouse aisles, school yards, tennis courts, and factory safety aisles.

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