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Stop Sign

Stop sign
Standard Temporary Road Construction signs include but are not limited to: Road Work Ahead, Flagger, Be Prepared to Stop, Right/Left Lane Closed, Right/Left Transition, Bump, Grooved Pavement, Arrow, Shoulder Work, Motorcycles Use Extreme Caution, Detour Ahead, and many more... All rental signs are Diamond Grade reflective on .080 aluminum.

- Minimum charge $50.00 or 7 day rental rate whichever is greater
- Free delivery & pick-up for most devices
- Mobilization fee of $15 each trip for Solar Message Signs
- Mobilization fee to be determined on all barrel orders
- Hours of operation 6:00am to 5:00pm weekdays Monday-Friday
- WSDOT approved sign shop
- All products conform to MUTCD and NCHRP350 standards
- Special prices available for larger projects & special events
- Prices subject to change without notice at anytime
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Yield Sign

Yeild sign
Oncoming Traffic

To oncoming traffic sign

4-Way sign
All way

All way stop
Yield here to (man)

Yeild here to
Yield here to Pedestrians

Yeild here to pedestrians
Yield to crosswalk

Yeild to crosswalk
Stop for crosswalk

Stop for crosswalk
Truck speed 40

40mph for trucks