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Lane Changer Traffic Drum
Lane Changer Traffic Drum
• Rounded Ergonomic Handle for easy access with a comfortable grip
• Multiple-Base Compatibility fits most bases in your inventory - Call to Order*
• Recessed Reflective Band Tiers for long-lasting protection of sheeting
• Four 5” Wide Anti-Rotation Claws will keep drums facing traffic
• Built-In Sheeting Edge Protector guards against wear during stacking
• Five-Tier Design for better visibility in heavy traffic
• Built-in 10” Wide Anti-Roll Bottom resists roll after impact
• Double Light Mounts on handle for added convenience
• Domed Top sheds debris and water
• Ribbed Bottom Lip for easy base attachment
• Two-Piece Top & Base Design allows dragging without base & drum separation
• Two-Piece Breakaway Feature allows controlled separation on impact
• UV Stabilized Bright Orange Polyethylene protects from sun damage
(light not included)

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Arrowmaster Pro-line w/o charger, Standard Angularity
Arrowmaster Pro-line w/o charger, Standard Angularity
The ArrowmasterTM Pro-Line Solar-Assisted Advance Warner is a versatile, low-operating-cost arrow board that provides maximum visibility at all times while directing traffic through construction zones. This system is powered by a battery storage bank charged by a top-mounted, shadow-free
solar panel. The Arrowmaster conforms to and, in most cases, exceeds all federal and state MUTCD specifications.

Available with 15 or 25 lights in both the standard and wide-angle models.

(CALL FOR PRICES, 425-551-3121)

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Precision Solar Message Board
Precision Solar Message Board
The Solar Message Center was the first changeable message sign to incorporate solar power into its design. The SMC 1000HE is designed for low maintenance, ease-of-use, and reliability.Patented Optical Assembly - The SMC 1000HE has a three line, eight character message board that uses a patented optical assembly to emit bright distinctive messages. Each character board uses a 5x7 pixel matrix that produces an 18"x 12" amber character (590 nanometers) that can be seen from more that 1000 feet away in any weather condition. Each 2" pixel is composed of 48 separate facets to create a fully illuminated image.
The SMC 1000HE automatically adjusts illumination intensity to accommodate any light conditions. The character board array is covered by a UV inhibited and impact resistant lexan shield to prevent fading and create the greatest transmission of light.

(CALL FOR PRICE 425-551-3121)

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